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The Environment IS the Economy
One Canada - No Veto Rights
Value Added Projects

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones Fiscal Record as Major of The District of West Vancouver 2005-2011

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones REAL fiscal record while Mayor of West Vancouver.

How did Pamela Goldsmith-Jones pay for the overspending?

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Pender Harbour Discussion: Aboriginal Land Rights And Equality For All Canadians

On October 17th come listen to the ONLY candidate fighting for the foreshore lease rights of land owners in Pender Harbour.

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Local Priorities in Election 2015

The Environment IS the Economy

“Our Government’s implementation of regulations, has become a Change Agent ……NOT a Stop”Agent.

Our economy has become more efficient with the less use of energy, water and land while improving economic performance.

I am proud that Our Government’s leadership on the Environment has created an Environmental Sector with 730,000 professional and independent jobs.…… a sector that has become the center for a culture and expertise that fosters simultaneous improvement of our economy and our environment.” ~ John Weston

Project reviews and decisions that are Science-based, Independent, and Objective

“I am an international lawyer … not a scientific or engineering expert. I support Our Government’s rational science-based, independent, and objective decision-making in assessing large-scale projects.

I reject a simplistic ‘NO’ mentality that would paralyze such job, infrastructure and tax revenue creating projects.” ~ John Weston

Lowering Taxes

“I will continue to support lower taxes for seniors, families, students, and all Canadians – 160 tax reductions and more to come.

I reject the tax and spend policies of all of our opponents.” ~ John Weston

A Country founded on Compassion and Equality of All – One Canada

“Our Government believes in one Canada built on the cooperation of numerous community sectors and individual equality.

I cannot support one community or sector wielding veto power over all other Canadians.” ~ John Weston

Endorsements For John Weston

Leah Costello a small business owner shares why she supports re-election of Conservatives

David Waines speaks on why he supports John Weston for re-election as Member of Parliament